Mark Gurman brings bad news for the HomePod mini

The Californian firm has just released a new HomePod. We have dissected the latter here last week. This weekend, these are the first opinions about him that fell. This HomePod v2 comes 2 years after the discontinuation of HomePod v1, released in 2017.

In 2019, when Apple abandoned the speaker, the successor was provided by the HomePod mini, a miniature version of the large speaker now back.

The HomePod mini, which arrived on the market in 2020, taking on many features of the big brother, less size and power, with a much more affordable price. 3 years later, and following a renewal of the original HomePod, the following question obviously arises: is Apple also planning a v2 for its HomePod mini?

Not the priority at the moment

According to Mark Gurman, a leading specialist of the Cupertino company, it would not have in its short or medium term plans the renewal of the HomePod mini. However, the potential improvements are numerous: new colors, improvements in voice controls, improvements in audio technologies, etc. You should also know that in 2022, according to the journalist, the improvement of the HomePod mini was very topical in the laboratories of the Californian giant. Obviously, therefore, Apple would have changed its priorities of the moment.

What is the current HomePod mini worth?

We could test the HomePod mini. During our tests, we greatly appreciated the audio qualities of the beast, as well as its exemplary finish. The HomePod mini is enough to make many competing speakers of the same format pale. The loudspeaker, on the other hand, is not flawless. It was criticized at the time for its fixed power cable, its rather limited power and its software limitations. These criticisms are still relevant, moreover, having myself the speaker at home and remaining in agreement on our conclusions of the time.

Notice to owners of the HomePod mini, what do you think of the speaker? What would you like Apple to improve for a second generation?

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