Marrakech-Menara: Successful migration to a new SOAM

The National Office of Airports (ONDA), has announced that the Marrakech-Menara International Airport has successfully migrated to a new Multiplatform Airport Operations System called “SOAM”.

A press release from the Office underlines that this project is part of its digital transformation strategy, as defined in its three-year development plan “Envol 2025”.

Indeed, in an airport, different systems are interconnected and illustrated in many management procedures which prove to be complex, explains the same source, adding that in view of its optimization, airport management benefits from the contribution technology and continuous improvement to increase efficiency and improve profitability.

The SOAM, put into service since January 17 at Marrakech Menara airport, is a multi-platform and multi-device system, designed by experts in airport systems, underlines the press release, explaining that it makes it possible to have, in an interactive and in real time, useful information for the various stakeholders in the passenger value chain as well as for travellers.

ONDA further notes that SOAM also generates forecast data on flights, which facilitates planning and the most optimal allocation of airport resources (check-in counters, boarding gates, aircraft parking, walkways telescopic, etc.).

It also contributes to strengthening the operational efficiency of airports and to generating considerable time savings thanks to better knowledge and assessment of situations.

By using data in real time and in an interactive way, SOAM contributes effectively to improving the passenger experience by making it possible to distribute passenger flows more efficiently over the different areas of the airport, thus reducing time security checks, boarding and baggage handling, to minimize disruption and inconvenience to passengers in the event of flight delays or cancellations through clear and precise information, to anticipate the needs for equipment used by passengers, in quantity and availability (luggage carts, elevators, escalators, etc.), and to reduce the risk of the traveler missing his flight, in the event of a short transit at the airport, before taking his next flight, thanks to the optimal allocation of airport equipment made available to airlines.

The deployment of this system is underway at Casablanca-Mohammed V airport before its generalization in other airports in Morocco, the same source said before concluding that ONDA teams are committed to constantly improving on a daily basis. the quality of the services provided and to meet the expectations of all stakeholders (passengers, airlines or airport partners).

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