Mars: what could have formed these dunes taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter?

The HiRISE camera, on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter satellite, shows a field of strange dunes, called barchan dunes.

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is a space probe sent by NASA and in activity around Mars since 2006. Thanks to its camera, named HiRISE, the probe can capture minute details of the planetary surface and provide new study material for mission scientists.

The dunes captured by the probe formed along a cliff in Chasma Boreale, at the North Pole of Mars. According to scientists fromHiRISE, this kind of waves are not unknown both on Earth and on Mars. They would even be a great source of information on the environment in which they were formed and on the direction of the winds at a particular place, as pointed out ScienceAlert.

This kind of dunes, lBarchans form in sandy areas where the winds blow in a dominant direction, giving them a crescent shape. Or some form of Star Trek badge!

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