Matt Frevola swallows his dentures adorned with the royal coat of arms to Ottman Azaitar

2 minutes and 28 seconds were enough last night for Matt Frevola to knock out German-Moroccan Ottman Azaitar. A pathetic knockout for the youngest of the siblings whose interpersonal skills alone could allow him to find himself in front of the American fighter for a meeting, without title issue, in the lightweight category.

Ottman Azaitar will not have lasted a half round.

In the world of combat sports, to win you have to be hungry. All fighters know that. The youngest of the Azaitar siblings arrived at Madison Square Garden last night with his hands in his pockets, without mental or technical preparation, without ideals to defend and without values ​​to share. He is sated with wealth, satiated with power, stuffed with social position and is so imbued with it that he thought he could dream of victory.

Since the official announcement of the fight by the UFC on August 22, Internet users have been treated to a non-stop promotional campaign to the glory of the fighter who had not yet entered the cage since September 2020.

A fight presented as a victory, even before it takes place

Nothing will have been spared to Moroccans during these interminable training sessions carried out in the 4 corners of the globe and theatrically staged on social networks: simulated concentration, instrumentalized spirituality and family spirit cultivated to excess around the image of a father whose presence one wonders.

Nothing has been spared us to attract our attention and make us believe that the German-Moroccans Ottman, Abu, Omar and Khalid Azaitar had become the most legitimate standard-bearers of the moment, nourished by royal support claimed loud and clear. cry, since King Mohammed VI received them in April 2018.

Nothing was spared us, not even the sad spectacle of the symbols of the nation and the monarchy spreading over Ottman Azaitar’s outfits, including his combat protective dentures.

The symbols of the Nation ashore

By striking the fatal blow with his left fist that knocked the German-Moroccan to the mat, Matt Frevola shattered the dentures adorned with the royal coat of arms in less time than it takes to say: 148 seconds.

These are 148 seconds of humiliation for a whole people whose national anthem rang out to accompany the entry of Ottman Azaitar into the cage which saw him fall to the ground like a fly. Endless seconds preceded by a prepared arrival of the German-Moroccan fighter, his father on his right and his brother Abu on his left, showing the Moroccan flag on their outfit, as if this meeting, without title issue, involved a country.

A stinging defeat preceded by a Kafkaesque sequence which saw Ottman Azaitar kneel to kiss the feet then the left hand of this father with the long bushy beard, standing like a guru, to receive the pledges of loyalty from one of his followers who bow down to him.

The complacency that leads to loss

The day before, during the weigh-in session in front of the journalists, Ottman Azaitar nevertheless puffed out his chest in front of the American. The staging is usual during this kind of meeting, the protagonists gauge each other, face each other and provide the show for the press.

But Ottman Azaitar poses with exaggeration and without any humility. He has a threatening finger and talks a lot when the American saves his energy and prefers to reserve himself for action. His brother Abu, also a fighter, should have advised him to show more reserve, he who suffered a spectacular defeat in March 2021 by stoppage of the referee, inflicted by the Quebecer Marc-André Barriault.

In another posture fight that fighters are familiar with, the arrogance was at its strongest for the one who dubbed himself The Bulldozer and who hadn’t fought in over 2 years before facing Matt Trevola on 12 november.

An agreed fight?

Ottman Azaitar was neither technically nor mentally ready and was in a defensive position from the first of 148 seconds in the cage.

For MMA specialists, not only was he unable to face the American, but he simply did not deserve to do this fight.

The destructive left that put the German-Moroccan to the ground with a knockout from which he will not recover, is inflicted, in dishonor, on Moroccans who have heard their anthem and seen their symbols undermined without them having had their say.

Will Ottman Azaitar dare to thank the King after losing as Abu Azaitar did after his defeat with Marc-André Barriault?

It is unfortunately predictable, because there is nothing worse than arrogance. It makes you blind.

The siblings and those who maintain his illusion should meditate on the wisdom of the Malian writer Massa Makan Diabaté: “Let him who leads the horse of sufficiency turn around, he will see shame clinging to his tail. »

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