Memories of Cornulier with… Matthieu Abrivard

First memories

I have great memories of Cornulier with Anita de la Vallee, trained by my father, who finished third three years in a row (94/95/96), with Jean-Marie Monclin. I was just a kid, so when I came to the races it was often for this meeting. But I will quote a previous edition, in 1992, the victory of Here is some Niel, with my uncle Laurent. I put the tapes back to myself several times. I was really marked by this race.

First Cornerman

It was with Iatka Bocain in 2003. I can’t forget it! I was looking for the mare everywhere at the stables. His entourage had arrived at the “stuff” to make the heat. They had wanted to mow the mare before leaving and the mower had broken down… Fortunately, it was in Grosbois. In the race, I had a little “paw” and the Marshals had distanced me. But happy all the same, I was young and I took part in this great race. I especially have memories of the pre-race event (laughs)… I didn’t have time to stress!

The Jag years of Bellouet

The following year and three years in a row (2004/2005/2006), I picked it up with Jag de Bellouet. It is the Grail and that at 18 years old. A real privilege to be associated with him at my age. With a crack like him, I didn’t have much to do. This is what allowed me to be launched very high. I rode it the old fashioned way. Suddenly, I had shod shorter, in a Prix de l’Ile-de-France, but it had not been. It must be said that the preparation of the horse had been slightly upset. So, truth be told, we’ll never know if it would have suited him.

Complete success with Bellissima France

It’s completely different. Ten years have passed and I’ve had some great performances in the meantime. This is my training, the family uniform. A mare who never stopped progressing and who aligned the poles since her success in the Prix de Normandie. So yes, a particular pressure, but it was stronger. With jagI did not necessarily realize what was happening to me and the value of these victories.

The post-career under the saddle

I went up a shot in training. I was fine, but the afternoon “stiff lame”! It tickles me when my knee twists a little. It’s due to my big crash last year. But I’m still “fit”, I’ve only gained two kilos (laughs)!

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