Mennecy inaugurates a Luv Resval square in tribute to the deceased rapper

There is now a Luv-Resval square in Mennecy (Essone). The municipality of rapper deceased indeed inaugurated this Sunday a park bearing the name of the artist, reports The Parisian. The green space is next to the high school where he studied the young man died at the age of 24 on October 21 in the pavilion he occupied with his family. He had succumbed to an asthma attack.

The UDI mayor of the city Jean-Philippe Dugoin-ClĂ©ment, also vice-president of the Ile-de-France region, attended the ceremony organized for the occasion. The elected official said he saw in the name of the square a way of “maintaining a link between those who lived and those who live”. Luv Resval’s relatives planted a Japanese cherry tree on site to honor him.

The rapper and his family had lived in Mennecy since 2003. High school friends of the artist as well as teachers were present at the ceremony. A plaque was unveiled after the broadcast on loudspeaker of a title of the future posthumous album of Luv Resval. “It was like a prophet of love for us”, commented Cokein, manager of the artist.

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