Messi reveals what he hated with Guardiola

Leo Messi opens up about his biggest regret from Guardiola’s time at Barca.

The greatest period in the history of FC Barcelona was marked by the combination of Guardiola’s football and Messi’s talent.

However, the Argentinian has one regret over these four magical years. The duo rose to the next level, winning two Champions Leagues, three Ligas, three Copas del Reys and a sextuplet. On an individual level, Messi started his run to seven Ballon d’Ors and secured a calendar year by scoring an all-time-high 91 goals.

Speaking to Universo Valdano, Messi explained that it was a unique experience. “It was an extraordinary stage, because everything was linked together. On the one hand, Guardiola arrived, he taught me and made me grow. On the other hand, it was a unique generation. It was impressive to go and play on any ground, since we were going to win regardless of the opposition, and the way we were going to do it, having 80% possession.

“If I regret anything, it’s not having taken more advantage of everyday life, because we’re in a bubble. To take advantage of the way he prepared for the matches, the way we were going to play the rival. It was so easy, so natural, that we didn’t realize what we were doing. Over time and over the course of my career, we realize that it was something unique.”

Likewise, it’s hard to judge success at the time and Messi was still only in his twenties at the time. Sport made their comments as they continued on Guardiola.

“He hurt football a lot, because it seemed so easy that everyone wanted to play the same way. Then I met a lot of ‘Guardiolas’ outside and that helped me realize what we have do”.

“Guardiola has something special about watching games, preparing for them and communicating.”


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