Michael Jordan breaks the silence and sends a big message to the “GOAT”!

Michael Jordan is clearly not the most talkative former player in the media, he who grants very few interviews. But this Sunday, he felt obliged to appear on the NBC channel to send a big message to the GOAT!

Michael Jordan is not the most talkative legend in the media, it must be said that he must have a particularly busy schedule with his many businesses. And when he has free time, he prefers to spend it on the golf courses of North Carolina, where he takes pleasure in humiliating his friends, as JR Smith explained a few days ago, victim of a spicy trash-talking session.

However, there are many subjects that the owner of the Hornets could discuss, he who knows the NBA microcosm better than anyone and who undoubtedly has good explanations for the ills of his franchise in the moments that matter. After the second elimination in consecutive play-in, the legendary n°23 could have woken up his players with a strong rant to the journalists…

MJ’s exceptional promo for Tom Brady!

Because he is discreet, viewers were very surprised to see him on screen this Sunday on NBC. So no, MJ didn’t come to discuss his Hornets, his brand or even basketball, he was hired by the channel to promote the first big NFL game of the season. For 30 seconds, he sent a message to the league’s unanimous GOAT, Tom Brady!

I walked away from the NBA for almost two years… he didn’t even last two months! But you know what this decision tells me? How badly he wants to win, how badly he needs to play, especially against the Cowboys who have never beaten him in his career. Such a level of excellence is not seen so often in life. He is back.

Michael Jordan doesn’t often speak in the media, but he agreed to promote the first Sunday Night Football of the NFL season to pay tribute to the discipline’s undisputed and indisputable GOAT, Tom Brady. He also recognizes himself a little in him, since the quarterback came out of his first retirement to live a last experience, as MJ was able to do in 1994, then in 2001. Between GOAT’s they understand each other.

Michael Jordan and Tom Brady are two GOAT’s, they necessarily understand each other and share a similar approach to sport. The Bulls legend returned to competition after his first two retirements, when the Bulls quarterback Buckcaneers did not even last two months away from the field.

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