Microsoft presents its ugly Christmas sweater!

Clippy is the name of Microsoft’s Office Assistant. And this year, that paper clip character is back on the company’s new ugly sweater! This is definitely the most gruesome sweater of 2022…

Microsoft’s 5th sweater

It’s been 5 years now that Microsoft has released a sweater as the Christmas holidays approach. It is on Twitter, in 2017, that the tradition starts. The company’s team then shared a photo of a Windows 95 sweater. Subsequently, other clothes appeared: the ugly Windows XP sweaters, MS Paint, then another Minesweeper themed, at the end of 2021. This year, the famous Clippy is the center of attention. And the latter seems to be one of Microsoft’s top ugliest sweaters…

Photo credit: Microsoft

Initially, the first sweater was not intended to be sold at all. But given the reaction of Internet users who begged the company’s teams to put them on sale, it was necessary to meet their expectations. It was first of all influencers and other fans of the brand who had the right to own them. But later, they could finally be accessible to the general public. So these ugly Christmas sweaters have been on sale for 3 years now. So Clippy’s is too!

Photo credits: Microsoft

A very ugly sweater for a good cause

Behind this sweater sale is actually the desire to help people in need. Each year, a percentage of the money collected for each of the sweaters is donated to an association. This time, the money raised will be donated to the College Success Foundation. This national non-profit organization helps low-income students qualify for college. The Windows Ugly Sweater: Clippy Edition is therefore priced at €73.95 on the Xbox Gear Shop !

Photo credit: Microsoft

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