Mika’s getaways – The Ars waterfall


A fantastic getaway of 10km round trip where you should not underestimate the drop of about 800m for 5 hours of walking, leading to one of the most beautiful and large waterfalls in the Pyrenees.

The route map

Itinerary Cascade d’Ars


  • Park in the small hairpin car park before the village of Aulus les Bains on the Col de Latrape road.
  • From the hairpin bend, follow towards the South-East the direction indicating the Cascade d’Ars.
    Fairly quiet section on the forest track with about 200 m of elevation to the crossroads of tracks.
  • Continue opposite until a junction of paths and take the GR10 (Red and White markings) which arrives, from the left, from Aulus-les-Bains.
  • Continue opposite on the GR10. Further on, at the crossroads, turn left (indicative signs). The track ends gradually and turns into a path just before the Pont d’Artigous.
  • Cross the Rivière d’Ars by the bridge and continue on the GR10. Climb gradually in the undergrowth, the waterfall begins to be visible. Further on reach an intersection.
  • Take the GR10 on the left (or take the path to the waterfall opposite. In the case of this option, be extra vigilants because the layout is not optimal, especially since the path can slip when the flow of the waterfall is strong). After several bends, arrive, a hundred meters further, at the 2nd waterfall (the most imposing).
  • Be very careful when the flow of the waterfall is strong
    Take the route to the Ars footbridge which is less than 1 km away. the climb is quite steep on the 1st part (watch out for the melting snow which can make this portion painful).
    The 2nd part is more flexible, and on the flat, before descending a few meters to reach the Ars footbridge.
  • Repeat the path in the opposite direction to the parking lot at the start in order to complete this fabulous discovery hike.

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