Miscellaneous | Emoni Bates arrested for possessing a weapon

The career of Emoni Bates continues to take a rather worrying turn: already in difficulty on the floors last season, the 18-year-old winger is not showing off to his advantage either. In effect, based on information from WXYZ Detroitthe former high school prodigy was arrested on Sunday by authorities in Washtenaw County, Michigan, after hitting a stop sign at an intersection.

The county sheriff’s office later provided further details: when the young man’s vehicle was searched, a weapon was found by the authorities, and Emoni Bates was therefore remanded in custody. He faces two charges: the first for concealed possession of a weapon, the second for falsification of the serial number of the weapon.

This sad episode now raises a question: will Emoni Bates play again in the NCAA? A legitimate question, since the majority of university programs have strict policies regarding the behavior of their athletes off campus. An arrest for possession of a weapon can therefore be prohibitive…

A major prospect when he was in high school, to the point of being ranked first among the best high school students of the class of 2022, Emoni Bates has clearly been on a slippery slope for several months. After a failed “freshman” season in Memphis, he had opted, this summer, for a fresh start in… Eastern Michigana modest college, close to home but which should not really help him boost his rating for the 2023 Draft.

An unstable sporting situation, therefore, now combined with worrying extra-sporting setbacks.

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