Missy Elliott’s “Under Construction” turns 20

A fourth album steeped in the hip-hop vein of the early 2000s, between Adidas tracksuit and Kangol headgear.

underconstruction opens with a heartfelt intro in which Missy Elliott speaks unfiltered, directly to her audience. Missy Elliott explains that the album is called “Under Construction” (under construction) because she is always and continuously working on herself. The job in question is to extract the bullshitthe negativity, the conflicts without tails or head of his life and to concentrate on the essential, the hip-hop, the true, the original.

A message that she also addresses to other figures of the hip-hop scene of the time, then marked by the deaths of Aaliyah (a relative of Missy Elliott who disappeared in a plane crash), but also other people. mentioned in his opening tirade as Big Pun, Notorious Big and 2pac, whose shadows still hung over the rap scene at the time. Learning from these events and moving forward is what she defends in this 4th album.

For Missy Elliott, this philosophy pays off. Under Construction is still today one of his greatest successes, carried by hits like “Work It” and “Gossip Folks”. A record very well received by critics and nominated 4 times at the Grammy Awards, notably in the category “best rap solo performance for a woman”.

Timbaland is the producer she works with on the majority of the album. Renowned for a jerky rhythmic construction that delights kidney-breaking fans in clubs, and for an inventive percussive sound (which honestly hasn’t aged a bit today), Timbaland has managed the feat of combining instrumentals that seem both avant-garde and well anchored in their time.

The advantage when a record like Under Construction is celebrated, it is that we are spoiled for choice for the track that will serve as a memento. Rather than leaning towards easy choices, like Work It or the intro of the disc, we recommend that you return Slide in your evening playlist.

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