Monistrol-sur-Loire. An “intense” week allowed Benjamin Maublanc to shoot his short film

For Benjamin Maublanc, the week was “intense”. As tradition dictates, whoever won the City Prize at the festival 7e Art Young Talents was back on the territory to shoot a short film there. Successful location scouting undertaken at the end of the summer had made it possible to precisely draw the scenario with fantastico-medieval hues.

Since last Saturday (and until this Sunday evening), his team has focused its objectives on the local countryside, delighted to find there a mysterious setting conducive to the development of the intrigue.

Because for those who missed the previous episodes, here is the pitch: “An unknown beast has been terrifying the valley for weeks, puncturing the surrounding herds without shame. Alix, a young shepherdess about to get married, disappears during an attack. It is Rouge, an outstanding beast hunter, who is hired to find the fiancée and slay the creature. Her investigation will finally plunge her into a struggle for freedom against her most terrible adversary: ​​man. »

In the footsteps of the beast

On the territory, the chapel of Fraisse (Beauzac) and the forest of Perpezoux (Monistrol-sur-Loire) served as a theater for history. Other sites (notably Moudeyres) were also used by the Jura director. All at a frantic pace… “We have a team of seven people. For comparison, there were forty-three of us for my graduation film,” he smiles. “We also had a lot of equipment and scenery to set up. Fortunately, the weather was quite favourable. We often shot at night and we wanted to make beautiful images. The landscapes are incredible, the result is up to what we hoped for. »

Still a lot of work before the screening

And to see the film at La Capitelle, you will still have to wait. Shooting is only the tip of the iceberg! “I’m going to let it rest for a few days, then I’ll have to move on to post-production, mountains, mixing, music, etc. I’m going to live with the film for several more weeks”, assures Benjamin who aims to then offer it in festivals.

To follow the news of Benjamin Maublanc: As the project progresses, the director will post information on Instagram.

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