more than 4 million dollars at stake

It’s the big start of the international casting for Squid Game Challengeand new information on the sequel to the Netflix show has also been revealed.

Taking up the principle of the first season of the now cult series, this giant competition will take the form of a reality show with 456 candidates recruited around the world. As in the adventures of the first season of the Korean series, each participant will have their sights set on a fabulous jackpot of $4.56 million to be won. Registration is done on the official website Squid Game The Challenge. Good news: unlike the course of the sadistic games of the first season, Netflix confirms that no contestant will be killed or injured. Reassuring, isn’t it?

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Season 2 already in the works

The director and the main actor of the original show have meanwhile been rewarded during the Emmy Awards, and Season 2 has begun its writing process. The creator of Squid Game, Hwang Dong-hyuk, indeed confirmed it during a press conference organized in Seoul by Netflix. Already at a well-advanced stage of development, this new season would begin filming in South Korea in 2023. The release of this second wave of Squid Game would be scheduled for 2024 at the broadcaster. It will therefore be necessary to be patient to discover the continuation of the adventures of Seong Ji-hun, always interpreted by Lee Jung-jae.

The Wolf of Squid Game ?

But hardly the key dates of season 2 known, the creator launched a crazy rumor: Hollywood stars could appear in a hypothetical season 3, which would then be relocated from his native Korea to other horizons. The stakes are high, because among the candidates for a third Squid Game, Hwang Dong-hyuk would dream of seeing Leonardo Di Caprio join the cast, just that. The actor of wolf of wall street would indeed have declared to be a big fan of the series. Everything would therefore be a question of timing so that the conditions are met.

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