Moroccan films “Bayt Achiir” and “Najma Mars 2020” in the running

DTwo Moroccan films are in the running in the “feature films” and “short films” categories, namely, respectively, Bayt Achiir (“House of Poetry”) by director Malika Maelainine and Najma March 2020 (“Star of March 2020”) by Laila Mesfer.

The jury for the “feature film” competition is made up of Moroccan actress Amal Ayouch, Senegalese director Mansour Wade, Tunisian director Dina Shamha, Egyptian screenwriter and novelist Abdelrahim Kamal and Egyptian screenwriter and producer Mohamed Hefzy.

As for the short film jury, it is made up of Senegalese journalist and director Oumy Ndour, Tunisian director Latifa Daghri, Zambian director Paul S. Willow and Egyptian artist Karim Kassem, while the film competition jury “diaspora” is made up of Palestinian director Rashid Masharawi, Tunisian producer Dora Bouchoucha and Egyptian actor Ahmed Magdy.

During this edition, of which Senegal is the guest of honour, a tribute will be paid to the Egyptian artist Hala Sedky, the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan, the musician Hisham Breyeh, the Senegalese director Mansour Wade and the Mozambican producer Pedro Pimenta.

Among the activities of this edition is the launch of the Producers’ Platform in Luxor, which aims to create a link between film production companies, independent producers and project promoters in a single forum. 11 films will be screened in the “feature films” category, 13 films in the “short films” category and 7 in the “diaspora” category.

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