Ms. Marvel season 2 confirmed: When it premieres on Disney+

It looks like the hit Ms. Marvel will have a second season on Disney+ following the Marvels movie which arrives next year.

Ms.Marvel came this year to Disney+ with a fresh and dynamic story starring Iman Vellani as Kamala Kahn, a young woman who discovers a strange bracelet linked to her family’s past that has the ability to unleash the incredible abilities she has within her and thus be able to take on Los Clandestine the same way you deal with damage control.

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The series had a phenomenal reception from the specialized press, which Rotten Tomatoes gives you 97% acceptance in addition to the solid 80% that Ms.Marvel managed to reach the general public, so it is not surprising that everyone is waiting for the participation of the young woman in the film wonders alongside Brie Larson and Teyonah Parris.

Second season of Ms. Marvel?

The end of Ms.Marvel for Disney+ advances a bit of what we can expect to see in The Marvels when Kamala Kahn and Carol Danvers mysteriously switch bodies. What will happen next? We’ll have to wait for the movie to hit theaters around the world in July next year. At D23 there was a preview of this tape that many are looking forward to.

But if you’re a fan of Iman Vellani’s character, you can’t miss this information from insider Daniel Richtman who, according to his sources, confirmed that Ms.Marvel will have a second season in Disney+ although not much more is yet known about the possible plot of this new batch of episodes from the popular show. marvel cinematic universe.

Head writer Sana Amanat previously indicated that the MCU show was written as a ” limited series “ so that the character can “go out and do something else”, seemingly casting doubt on the show’s return for another season. Additionally, cinematographer Jules O’Loughlin said neither he nor director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy had heard of any plans for a sequel to Ms.Marvel.

A scene from the show. Picture: Disney.

What is certain is that Marvel often keeps his future plans secret even from his creative teams and cast. In this case, it is still unclear if the second season of Ms.Marvel will arrive on streaming and what would be the stipulated release date for these episodes. In the meantime, Iman Vellani even dreams of a crossover with Wolverine or an evolution of his character in the best style of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

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