‘My girlfriend was traumatized’ is the most terrifying horror film in history according to a study

This horror film with an unhealthy and oppressive atmosphere is considered the most terrifying in history according to a study.

Horror, a popular genre that lacks new cult films?

The kind of horror is particularly popular. When a horror movie out at the cinema or on Netflix, the public always responds. At the beginning of July, the Taiwanese feature film spellhad traumatized a good part of the spectators.

Even if horror films come out in spades, their quality unfortunately too often leaves something to be desired. And few are really scary. If you really want to inflict a beautiful terror on yourself, here is THE film you need to see, the most terrifying of all time according to a study.

Sinister, the most terrifying horror film according to the study “Science of Fear”

A broadbandcoices study published by Forbes in 2020 reveals that the most terrifying film in the history of cinema is Sinister. To reach this conclusion, the researchers analyzed the heartbeats of 50 people, having watched 100 hours of horror movies (the 50 highest rated on IMDB). The average beats per minute of those tested were 65 bpm, but ahead Sinister, the frequency rose to 86 bpm. The film directed by Scott Derrickson in 2012 therefore wins hands down the test entitled “Science of Fear”.

Many people would no doubt agree with this study. On Allocinesome describe Sinister as an “unhealthy film” with an “oppressive atmosphere”. Someone even says his little love was traumatized… Behind Sinisterthe films considered to be the most terrifying, are, in order: The Conjuring, Heredity, Paranormal Activity, ItFollows, The Conjuring 2, Mister Babadook, The Descent and The Visit.

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