”MY WAY” the new mixed-use real estate program by Linkcity

My WAY is a mixed-use residential and office real estate program located in the prestigious area of ​​Place Financière in Casa Anfa. The residential component, My Way Living, consists of two R+16 and R+12 buildings with clean lines and screened facades, playing on the transparency and opacity of the volumes. Here you can find all the codes of contemporary architecture, simple and distinguished, which leaves plenty of room for light and panoramic views. “MY WAY Living” is a closed residence offering a diversified offer from T2 to T5 responding to the most modern lifestyles.

It is also interiors with high quality services, synonymous with comfort and meeting the highest demands. Nearby, the office component, My Way Office, consists of 3 R+8 buildings sharing 1700 m² of common gardens fitted out with seats and tables, perfect for a coffee break or a work meeting. With private gardens or large adjoining terraces respecting privacy, MY WAY was conceived and designed in partnership with a duo of architects, Yasmine El Kasri and Nihad Berberovic, talented masters of art and aware of the societal dimension of the live well together.

For Mr. Younes ABDELJALIL, Managing Director of Linkcity Development Morocco, “Linkcity Development Morocco’s first project, BO 52, is a showcase of the know-how of the Bouygues Construction Group, as well as of its subsidiary BYMARO. After the success of BO 52, we are now embarking with MY WAY on the same path of excellence to offer a place to live and work at the forefront of innovation, both in terms of design, production, than habitability and use: ”MY WAY is an opportunity to celebrate our values: quality, respect for commitments and eco-responsibility. Values ​​that are the keystone of each of our actions. We choose our sites, our partners, our materials, according to demanding criteria which are the guarantee of reference achievements. Our first BO 52 project, just like MY WAY is today, embodies this desire to offer successful projects, drawing our creativity from the neighborhood, the environment and the people who work alongside them. Inspired by new technologies, committed to being more responsible, our team works every day to improve the Linkcity by Bouygues Construction experience.

Planned upstream of the architectural reflection, the two residential and office components are separated (access, car parks and separate gardens) This is the promise of intelligent flow management, which allows everyone to evolve in their own environment without interference . This flow design also ensures fairness between residents and office users in terms of co-ownership costs….

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