NBA 2K23 Worldwide Release: All the New Things You Need to Know

This is the big day ! Like every year, “2K Day” marks the worldwide release of the new NBA 2K. 2K Sports never lacks imagination to surprise its community and try to magnify its sports simulation. This NBA 2K23 is no exception to the rule, even if it is more in line with the two previous opuses, the first released on “next-gen” consoles.

The novelties, corrections and improvements of all kinds remain numerous, whatever the platform. We start with the main one, the “Gameplay” reviewed and corrected in order to always offer the best sensations with the controller in hand.

In terms of attack, the handling of the ball still seems to be reactive. The range of double-steps promises to be once more provided, the drives have also been reworked to better transcribe the strength and impact that players like LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo can release. For the little fun side, it will be possible to stay hooked to the circle after a dunk by keeping the trigger engaged for guaranteed chambering sessions (and technical faults).

The speed gauge will be more affected if you repeat the “tricks” and the range of shots is also more broadly defined. Gone, however, are the early celebrations with the outside shots showing in green before they even hit the net on a perfect execution. The suspense will now keep everyone in suspense until the arrival of the ball on the circle.

Michael Jordan at the rendezvous

The title “Sirius” from “The Alan Parsons Project”, better known as the mythical music of presentation of the Bulls players, is about to resound once again in NBA 2K. For the 2K23 edition, Michael Jordan, the most famous number 23 on the planet, will offer himself one more “comeback” in sports simulation.

MJ has indeed this year an edition in his name, on which he is the cover. This return is accompanied by the mode “ Jordan Challenge “, originally created for NBA 2K11, in which we can replay the fifteen great classics of his career, from the 1982 NCAA Finals with North Carolina, to Game 6 of the 1998 Finals against the Jazz, his last career game with the Bulls .

“My NBA Eras” to rewrite history

The other game modes that have made NBA 2K so successful over the past decade remain more than ever at the heart of 2K Sports’ concerns. The proof is with the mode for next-gen consoles “The W”, dedicated to the WNBA and which is already in its third edition.

The 2K23 version is also more extensive (presence of the All-Star Game, the Commissioner’s Cup, possibility of expanding the league), still with the principle of “contacts” to accompany the career mode.

New proof of the imagination of NBA 2K teams, the mode ” MyNBA was spiced up with a time machine! With “MyNBA Eras”, you can go back in time and rewrite history from three distinct eras: the Magic-Bird era, the Jordan era, and the Kobe era.

The visual aspect of the TV broadcast, the comments, every detail will be adapted to each era to make the experience even more immersive. This is undoubtedly the most interesting novelty for those who have stopped buying the game for several editions.

Ever more popular, the mode ” MyTeam has also been tweaked, with the main changes being the removal of “contracts”, and the addition of single-player mode for the “Clutch Time” option and online co-op for the “Triple Threat”.

Continuity for career mode

Finally, the mode My career is undoubtedly the most anticipated of all, with a more or less gripping scenario each year. The release of “next-gen” consoles generated a double work with the need to create two different environments. For the current generation consoles, we remain on the principle of the luxury liner, the “GOAT Boat” and its various bridges, sailing in international waters according to the seasons, and a less elaborate story mode.

For “Next-Gen” consoles, the possibilities are necessarily greater in terms of scenario. The “extra-sporty” side takes up more space, with the possibility of investing in your passions such as music or fashion. In the trailer for the “MyCareer” mode, we can see the artist J. Cole, who will also have a jacket bearing his likeness, and would play a central role in the scenario for the 2023 edition. It’s still entertainment, and it is not certain that it will crack those who have never been tempted by this mode.

As for the environment, The City has also been redesigned. The map is smaller and its access facilitated by metro stations. Beyond the fact that the environments concocted for the four affiliated communities (South City Vipers, North Side Knights, Western Wildcats and Beasts of the East) are breathtaking, we can’t wait to browse “The Block”, the ” Event Center” and especially “The Arena”, the enclosure in which you will play your NBA matches and which you will have the opportunity to go through from top to bottom.

Again, older players will find it difficult to fall for this mode, far removed from simple online games.

The League Pass is coming

Finally, there is a surprise guest in NBA 2K23, it’s the… NBA League Pass ! It is included in the Championship Edition. The digital version will only be available for pre-order. The “physical” version will be available in certain regions and from certain resellers while stocks last.

This will not be available on the Nintendo Switch console, and the NBA League Pass code will be sent to the email address associated with the NBA 2K account with which the Championship Edition bonus content was obtained, within five days of procurement. It won’t be until September 27, 2022, and it must be used by December 31, 2022.

The NBA League Pass will be valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Please note that it renews automatically every year, unless canceled before the renewal date.

PS5 / Xbox Series X|S

  • Standard edition: 79.99 euros
  • Cross-gen digital pack: 84.99 euros
  • NBA2K23 Michael Jordan Edition: €99.99
  • NBA 2K23 Championship Edition: €149.99

PS4 / Xbox One / Switch / PC

  • Standard edition: 69.99 euros
  • standard edition [Switch / PC] : 59.99 euro
  • NBA2K23 Michael Jordan Edition: €99.99
  • NBA 2K23 Championship Edition: €149.99

(NBA 2K23 WNBA Edition is only available in the US and Canada)

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