NCsoft – A “transitional” third quarter at NCsoft in anticipation of the global launch of Throne and Liberty

While the mobile department of NCsoft shows a decline in turnover when PC games are progressing significantly, the Korean giant is preparing the worldwide launch of Throne and Liberty with an external partner.

Throne and Liberty

A few days ago, NCsoft presented its third quarter 2022 accountswhich could be described as transitional quarter “. The South Korean giant recorded a turnover of 604 billion won (441 million euros) down 4% compared to the previous quarter, for a net profit of 182 billion won (132.9 million euros). euros) up 53% compared to the previous quarter – the increase in profit despite lower turnover is explained by cost-saving measures, marketing and salary advantages within the company.

Mobile down, PC up

We also note that the mobile department turnover weighs the equivalent of 319 million euros in turnover, a decrease of 8% during the quarter, mainly due to the decline in the results of Lineage W and of Lineage 2M. According to NCsoft, after a very solid start, Lineage W is now in a “stabilization phase” (more concretely, the MMO continues its third quarter of declining results and according to NCsoft, the trend should continue until the beginning of 2023). The game should then find its cruising speed.

At the same time, the MMORPGs Group PCs record their fourth quarter of growth, reaching a turnover of 70.9 million euros over the quarter (+1%). The result is carried by the unbeatable Lineage 2 and the servers classic ofaionin parallel with the tenth anniversary of Guild Wars 2.

NCsoft: revenue per game in the third quarter of 2022

An international partner for Throne and Liberty

Throne and Liberty Internal Test: Character Creation

And what about the future? In the medium term, NCsoft is focusing on its next PC MMORPG, Throne and Liberty which is still slated for release in the first half of 2023 and is set to launch simultaneously worldwide on both PC and consoles.

Obviously, NCsoft has strong hopes in the title and is therefore preparing for its release, “ with an external partner (according to the Korean parent company, the MMORPG will not be operated by NC West, its American subsidiary). The name of this partner will be revealed “soon” (the rumor has it it’s Amazon Games) and this partner will immediately reveal Throne and Liberty’s business model. NCsoft maintains the suspense, but when asked about it, the Korean group specifies that the game will adopt “a classic model for the West” – if it turns out thatAmazon Games is effectively the international operator of the MMORPG, so one could imagine a buy-to-play model (similar to that of New World) or a free-to-play operation (on the model of Lost Ark).

Democratizing the massively multiplayer genre

Asked about the risk of cannibalization between Throne and Liberty and the other titles in NCsoft’s catalog, the Korean giant says it is not very worried: Throne and Liberty is based on a gameplay who stands out traditional South Korean titles (precisely to address an international audience) certainly integrating mechanics pvp (like many Korean MMOs) but adding solid content PvE and by also mixing mechanics of puzzle games or of RPG.

The title is also presented as a game likely toattract a new audience towards the massively multiplayer genre – NCsoft obviously starts from the premise that the MMO has a strong potential for growth in the West and that Throne and Liberty could be the game likely to democratize the genre among a new generation of players. We will be curious to discover the game mechanics when the time comes – probably starting at the end of the week as part of the G-Star 2022 from Busan, South Korea.


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