Netflix on iOS: the application has a new look

iPhone or iPad users will be delighted! Netflix has given a facelift to its iOS application, which is reflected in particular by improved fluidity, with a more modern design and new effects.

Video-on-demand services rely heavily on their mobile applications to attract users, and it’s a race to find the one that will offer the most ergonomic interface. In the end, they all display a fairly similar design and the difference is in small details and effects. It’s the turn of netflix to offer a small facelift of its mobile interface on iOS. In a video posted on his Twitter account, Janum Trivedi, a former UI designer at Netflix who participated in the redesign, performs a small demonstration of the changes brought by this update. We immediately notice that the fluidity has been greatly improved in scrolling, which takes advantage of the screen refresh rate of iPhone. Other nice little novelties are also appearing for our greatest pleasure.

Netflix for iOS: a new interface and a few new features

Now the app iOS offers from its launch a large poster of a film or a series, with new color gradients in the background based on the poster. The latter also benefits from a nice 3D effect that changes depending on the angle of the iPhone in the hand – this is called a parallax effect. In addition, the content display panels diffuse a slight lighting effect, while the change of user profile benefits from a new animation.

Regarding the fluidity and the 3D effects, the application still demonstrates it to us when we press on a film or a series. Indeed, it immediately opens a window with all the information (trailer, summary, episodes, play and download buttons…). Transitions have also been reworked. Finally, the user can benefit from slight haptic feedback. Thus, the application is much more modern and has everything to attract subscribers. What convince them to embark on a small session of streaming from their smartphone! The Netflix update on iOS is available today for everyone via the App Store.

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