Netflix refreshes the design of its mobile application on iOS

We take it everywhere. Our smartphone sometimes seems to be stuck to our hand, especially since the arrival of SVOD platforms! Who has never continued watching their favorite series in the subway or in a waiting room? Few of us, probably. It is for this reason that it is more than necessary that the various streaming services are irreproachable in terms of design and ease of use. And Netflix understands this well! The company now offers an update on iOS, for iPhones. This is enough to come back a little in the race despite the difficult times it is going through.

A new Netflix app

Between redesign of the interface and effect of depth, the mobile application of the streaming service appears in a whole new light. And it is Janum Trivedi, Developer, who is partly behind this refurbishment. The backgrounds take up the colors of the covers of films and series, everything seems quite ergonomic and the user experience is at the forefront. You can now switch from one film to another without difficulty and you have the possibility of changing profiles much more simply than before, at any time during use.

Simplicity and fluidity are key

With this new application, the goal is above all to simplify the use of the streaming service on smartphones. But it’s also a way for Netflix to kick off 2023 the right way after a 2022 full of ups and downs. Thanks to that new offer with advertising, the brand already has the return of a good number of subscribers. No one is saying this redesign will do the same, but current users at least have some great moments watching their favorite series ahead of them, on iOS. 2Flappli-netflix-gets-a-new-skin-on-iphone-know-it-all
Photo credit: Twitter @jmtrivedi

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