New offer mentioned to rid the Lakers of Russell Westbrook!

On track for his second season in the City of Angels, Russell Westbrook is not yet sure of being a Laker next October. The Lakers did not completely close the door on his departure, especially if a good offer comes up on the market… as with the Spurs? Already mentioned recently, the Texas franchise could move to the offense with an offer.

Never say never in the NBA, especially when the Lakers are on a soap opera. We know that Rob Pelinka, the GM, is combing the market in search of a new reinforcement, he who suffered a major failure with the Pacers, refusing their counter-offer to improve the major 5. A real disappointment on the side of the fans, who hoped to have nice surprises after the return of Dennis Schroder, who came to steal minutes from Russell Westbrook. The latter knows it, it is not impossible that he will be exchanged before the recovery, as at Spurs for example.

Russell Westbrook soon in Texas?

Like Indiana, the point isn’t really just getting Brodie back, but rather getting a first-round pick or two in the deal. San Antonio, like the Thunder or the Jazz, is a team that is in reconstruction, which means that all assets are good to take for the future. A first offer has just been mentioned by journalist Andy Larsen, in order to negotiate with the Angelinos.

The Utah Jazz is not necessarily the only team that wants to recover the contract of Russell Westbrook to obtain these picks. Indiana and San Antonio have also expressed an interest in the Lakers, according to multiple rumors. The Pacers can offer Buddy Hield and Myles Turner (deal that is no longer relevantEd), while the Spurs can offer Doug McDermott, Josh Richardson and / or Jakob Poeltl.

The first city, McDermott, still has two years of contract (14 million per season), which could immediately upset the Lakers who do not want another long-term deal. He is still a solid shooter with more than 42% from three points last year, which means that he would be an alternative to Buddy Hield, and not the least. Only problem ? He is not a good defender, while the Pourpre et Or had many problems on this side of the floor last year.

For Richardson, on the other hand, it is a more interesting deal, since we are talking about a free player in the summer of 2023, after a salary of 12.2 million for this financial year. The 29-year-old has plenty of experience after traveling between several franchises, with the added bonus of a nice 41.5% from three points. We can see him as a “3&D”, namely someone capable of punishing from long distance, while bringing a good defense in this roster.

Spurs are definitely a team to watch ahead of the restart regarding Russell Westbrook, especially when you see the players in return. The soap opera with the Pacers is over, which means that the competition is fading for San Antonio, ideally placed to conclude this deal. Whether the Lakers are intrigued by Texan players remains to be seen.

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