New update for the app with 2 major improvements

The application upgrades to 7.2.1 today and makes several changes. The first is the fixed a display bug on iPad. Many users could see the application on iPadOS suddenly close or display a black screen after opening an article. With the new app update 7.2.1, this malfunction should no longer occur.

Otherwise, has a new option in the settings. This allows to completely delete your accountaccount required to comment on articles.

To delete your account, simply go to “Account” via the icon of the two bars at the top left in the main view of the app, then press “Delete my account” at the bottom . This action has the effect of deleting any information concerning you and linked to your account. Comments you posted become anonymous after your account is deleted.

Delete your account


Other than these two changes, the app should be more stable and contain fewer bugs. However, if you detect any, do not hesitate to let us know by email.

Thanks to everyone who gave their ideas to improve the app last month. We will take stock of this subject soon to offer you nice improvements in 2023, be sure! Once again, if you are satisfied with the app, do not hesitate to rate it on the App Store. Getting new ratings helps us a lot, especially when it comes to 4 or 5 star feedback with written reviews!

So if you want to support us, go to the App Store to leave a review.

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