Nine To Five Servers Have Shut Down

As expectedthe servers of Nine To Five closed yesterday, condemning the game to oblivion, since it was only multiplayer. This is therefore the last time that we will try to explain the concept of this free-to-play game, which was undoubtedly one of the keys to its failure. There were three teams of three players, who sometimes had to compete, sometimes collaborate depending on the result of the previous round. But the main concern was above all the gunfeel to absent subscribers and a generic artistic direction as possible, in addition to being rather ugly.

As a reminder, the disconnection of the servers comes only eight months after the launch of the game, which had not been a great success, especially for a free-to-play. And it’s a bit of a shame that the realization was not up to par, for once a somewhat original idea was proposed. However, the studio does not close, because it will now work as a service provider for other development studios.

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