Nintendo plans to ramp up Switch production this year

The Nintendo Switch will be 6 years old this year and speculation about Nintendo’s next video game console has only increased from fake insiders and Youtubers looking for views. However, a article from Bloomberg suggests that Nintendo isn’t quite ready to move on just yet.

According to Bloomberg via sources reported as “persons familiar with the matter”, Nintendo plans to ramp up production of the hybrid console starting next fiscal year which begins in the spring. In fact, Nintendo has apparently already announced this to its suppliers and assembly partners.

Nintendo would be confident that now that supply issues and shortages are starting to ease, they’re going to be able to sell more. The company also believes that demand for the console is still strong and should remain so for another year.

Still, the company is ready to revise its plans in case demand drops unexpectedly, which is likely why Nintendo hasn’t given a specific target number of Switch copies to produce to its suppliers and partners. ‘assembly.

As a reminder, information from Bloomberg and especially articles from have almost no credibility anymore, they who are the first to have, every year, every month even, announced the Nintendo Switch Pro.

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