NordVPN takes advantage of the sales, the price becomes super affordable with this limited offer

Today, cybercriminals trigger the majority of their attacks while you are browsing the web. At this point, simple antivirus or anti-malware is not the answer. Here is a way to permanently eliminate this danger thanks to a proposal put in place by this large company specializing in cyber-security.

The society NordVPN offers you an Essential security pack with an exceptional discount of 59% for a 2-year subscription. This solution therefore costs you only 3.35 euros per month. Note that there are also Ultimate or Advanced offers if you want to take advantage of 1 TB cloud storage or a password manager for example. In order to convince the most skeptical of the performance of their solution, NordVPN adds a 30-day money-back guarantee to its offer.

Small additional gift, you have a completely secure and encrypted cloud, with a storage capacity of 1 TB. The major advantage of the NordVPN solution is a high-performance and fast virtual private network, acclaimed by many magazines specializing in IT.

Finally surf the net safely!

Before opening your usual browser, you connect to one of the many NordVPN servers located around the world. Thus, when you browse the net, your personal IP address is replaced by that of the server. The consequence is of extreme importance since you become completely anonymous. Added to this is 256-bit encryption of all data circulating on the web. You can therefore, without any danger, make your purchases online or consult your bank account, even if you connect via a public Wi-Fi terminal. A single subscription allows you to protect up to 6 devices regardless of the on-board operating system. Remember to protect your smartphones, tablets and many others. Enjoy a 59% discount now for any 2-year subscription on NordVPN’s Ultimate Security Bundle with one month free.

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