Norway come out on top against the Netherlands

Norway overthrew the surprising Netherlands on Tuesday in Krakow (27-26) to enter the main round of the Men’s Handball World Cup with plenty of points, like Germany, Egypt and the double Danish title holder.

The Dutch of Paris SG pocket playmaker Luc Steins (1.73m), who are playing only the second World Cup in their history, led by four goals at the break (17-13) but did not go the distance. .

Sander Sagosen’s Norwegians will have four points in the main round, like the Germans. Or, in this group III of the main round, two more than the Netherlands and Serbia, which dominated Qatar (34-24).

The Argentinians have none, but at least they are qualified after winning a double or nothing match against North Macedonia (35-26).

The South Americans were carried by their captain, Montpellier center half Diego Simonet (8/9 shooting and 3 assists).

Same situation in the last group of the main round (IV), in which the Egyptians (35-16 against the United States) and the Danes (34-21 against Tunisia) took the lead.

Croatia (36-24 against Morocco) and Bahrain (30-28 against Belgium) have two points, the Belgians none.


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