now unlimited repairs for accidental damage

In addition to its activity as a computer manufacturer, Apple has thrown itself headlong into services. We know of course Apple Music, Apple TV+ or Apple Arcade, but if AppleCare is a lesser known service, it is essential in the lives of many users.

Since last week’s keynote, Apple has changed a key aspect of its AppleCare+ insurance, available for all of its products. Previously, it covered up to two incidents of accidental damage per twelve month period. This damage can be for example the breakage of the screen following a fall, or even a battery to be changed.

Don’t forget the deductible

In any case, you have to pay a deductible: on an iPhone, it amounts to €29 to repair damage affecting the screen or the glass back, €99 for any other type of accidental damage, and for a few weeks it is also possible to take out an AppleCare+ policy against theft or loss. The deductible is then €129, in both cases.

So there was a major change recently: AppleCare+ now covers an unlimited number of accidental damage repairs! Gone is the limit of two repairs every twelve months, you can break and repair an iPhone, an iPad, a Mac or an Apple Watch every day if you are really very clumsy! Of course, there is always a deductible to pay but the prices for this have not changed.

Apple has probably determined that it does not cost it more to cover two accidents every twelve months or an unlimited number… There are several formulas available: AppleCare+ for iPhone is from €89 for two years, or 4 €.49 per month with automatic renewal. For the iPad, the service starts at €79 for two years, or €4.49 per month. For a Mac, count a minimum of €119 for three years, or €44.99 per year.

Customers who already have AppleCare+ insurance were surprised to get unlimited coverage at no additional cost.

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