One Piece Odyssey – Gamesplanet promo: the action game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty in pre-order and in promotion

The release of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is expected on March 3, but the Souls-like is already available for pre-order (with cosmetic bonuses) and in promotion on Gamesplanet with a 15% discount.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Signed by Team Ninja (to whom we already owe nioh), Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty embeds the player in a version dark fantasy of late Han dynasty China, when the country was in chaos and on the verge of collapse.
Throughout his adventure in the shoes of an anonymous militiaman who will gradually have to reveal his powers, the player will sometimes be confronted with enemy soldiers mastering martial arts, sometimes with imposing demons threatening the Three Kingdoms. The game promises a dark and epic adventure, fights inspired by the “Five Phases” linking the offensive and defensive techniques that will make it possible to become a master swordsman, or even intrigues corrupting the Han dynasty.

The release of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is scheduled for March 3, but the game is already available for pre-order and promotion on Gamesplanetwith 15% discount. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available in two versions (Steam keys):


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