Opening night with Laurent Stocker

Laurent Stocker, 511th member of the Comédie-Française, began his career in the early 90s, notably under the direction of Georges Lavaudant and Jean-Louis Benoît. At the Comédie-Française, he played Cléante in the mythical staging of Imaginary illness of Molière by Claude Stratz. He is also Antoine in Just the end of the world by Jean-Luc Lagarce, directed by Michel Raskine. At the beginning of this year, he is directed by his young colleague Géraldine Martineau in The lady of the sea of Ibsen, he embodies Doctor Wangel.

Do you have stage fright on premiere nights?
Yes I still have stage fright unfortunately, not only at the premiere…

How do you spend your day before a premiere night?
I try to relax, I stroll in the streets, I walk quickly but I stay focused on the coming evening…

Do you have any habits before going on stage? Superstitions?
I toast an incense stick, and I listen to classical music…

First time I said to myself “I want to do this job? »
After a little skit at the leisure center when I was five or six years old…. A real click, a crush: I want to be an actor! And I never changed my mind again!

First flop?
After 45 years fat sometimes accumulates on the stomach.

First ovation?
I did a few pieces that were very successful, but after the confinement, people systematically gave standing ovations… It was nice!

First giggle?
During a performance of Platonov in Jacques Lassalle’s production where I played Triletski, I had lost my mustache because of perspiration and an actress stepped on it… Not only was I unable to put my mustache back on, but I couldn’t to take it back because it was under his shoe… I wasn’t the only one to start laughing madly and we had to do a scene with our backs to the audience, we were laughing so much.

First tears as a spectator?
I often cry at the theater even when it’s not necessarily the time to cry, because I’m always very moved to see the actors and actresses play. I find these moments incredible, unique.

First exposure?
In the character of Antoine, in Just the end of the world in the staging of Michel Raskine.

First time on stage with an idol?
It was not on stage but for a shoot with Niels Arestrup.

First interview?
In L’Est Républicain, the local newspaper which interviewed me when I was 13, because I was part of the theater club and I already wanted to make it my job…

First crush?
When I saw the productions by Patrice Chéreau…

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