OPPO celebrates 18 years of innovation and technological prowess

The global technology company OPPO celebrated, on Saturday September 17 in Marrakech, the 18th anniversary of its foundation around the theme “Building the future of intelligence”.

To make this celebration an event, the global brand’s top management brought together around thirty journalists, partner agencies and influencers around several activities that enabled them to fully appreciate the new services and activities (online and offline) set up to improve its connection with users and their user experience.

“The main goal of the brand is to build the future of intelligence. That is to say, to create technology and products that are out of the ordinary in order to facilitate our daily use of gadgets, IOT products (connected accessories) or Smartphones for a complete, easy and fluid ecosystem, “says immediately said the marketing director OPPO Morocco, Abdelilah Akrim.

In other words, the brand is there to launch gadgets and technological products capable of “facilitating the future in a smart way”, he explained.

The world’s fourth-largest smartphone brand, OPPO has “remained committed to its user-centric approach to technology while continuing to push the boundaries of technological innovation,” insisted the company founded in 2004.

On the occasion of its 18th anniversary, and with the aim of deepening its ties with its global user base, the brand announced the launch of the “OPPO Global Community” and “OPPO Inspiring Service Week”.

Note that the OPPO Global Community was created to provide an inclusive and open ecosystem for all OPPO users to engage, interact and share with OPPO and each other for the long term, it was explained. .

Since consumer orientation is paramount in the company’s development process, three concepts related to the “OPPO Community” have been created.

The first concept concerns brand “Ambassadors” who are none other than OPPO users. According to the explanations of the marketing director OPPO Morocco, they will now be invited to test the latest products and innovations before they are launched.

Second concept, “O-Chat Open Forum” is dedicated to a wider OPPO Community than “Ambassadors” to freely discuss newly launched products and technologies.

The third concept is the “OPPO Lifesetter” which invites users to share their own life stories to help inspire others.

“Consumers who have tested these technologies will provide feedback by creating a story that they will share with the brand and the community in order to be real testers and inspire others to use the technology launched by OPPO. “said Abdelilah Akrim.

Regarding “OPPO Inspirational Service”, the brand recalls that OPPO Service Center operates more than 2,500 service locations around the world, and each of them is committed to providing high-quality expertise and trusted services to customers so that every OPPO user can fully experience the benefits of the brand’s technologies and products.

Even though its after-sales services are considered the first in the international market, the OPPO brand continues to develop them over the years. Several initiatives have been taken in this direction, which has enabled consumers to make the most of their OPPO Smartphone.

As a reminder, from the 10th to the 12th of every month, OPPO offers exclusive benefits as part of OPPO’s Service Day at more than 900 service centers in 24 countries and regions. The brand says the offers include discounts on repair services, free disinfection services, and more.

Also note that from September 10 to 17 this year, OPPO Service Day was upgraded to “OPPO Inspiring Service Week” in more than 320 service centers across 21 countries and regions in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, emphasizes the company.
The company, which serves customers in more than 60 countries and regions in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, has not forgotten its employees, to whom it says it gives particular attention.

Indeed, in addition to the “OPPO Global Community” and “OPPO Inspiring Service Week”, the brand also announced the release of a series of documentaries telling the story of employees as well as the growth of OPPO from their own point of view. of sight.

“Despite their different backgrounds and backgrounds, all OPPO employees share the same passion for uncovering user needs and finding new ways to innovate,” the company said.

Thus, thanks to their common belief in the inspiration of the OPPO brand “Inspiration Ahead”, they have shown the strength of character to face all challenges with a calm and optimistic state of mind, she said. found.

For the leading brand in the global connected device market, constantly optimizing every detail of OPPO products and services, employees “have brought the benefits of technology to more global users.”

What should be understood is that the employee who is passionate about his work within the OPPO company, whether in development, marketing or management, “can make a documentary and share it on the network of the brand (internal or external) in order to inspire others so that they can bring added value to those around them,” explained Abdelilah Akrim. Before discussing other equally important points for the brand. Namely: the health and well-being of OPPO users and obviously corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The other highlight of this anniversary was the organization of sports activities, golf and petanque, in a sober, friendly, recreational and fun atmosphere. A nod that reminds us that the OPPO brand is also the official sponsor of the UEFA Champions League for this season.

Alain Bouithy


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