orgies and embezzlement, the Spanish federation in turmoil

It is not only in France that the highest levels of football are facing scandal. The very serious daily El Mundo indeed reveals that the president of the Spanish Football Federation would have organized orgies with the funds of the latter.

This is a case that should heavily splash Spanish football. This Thursday, September 15, 2022, El Mundo has indeed released staggering revelations about the low funds of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). The man who suddenly finds himself in the spotlight is none other than Luis Rubiales. The latter took over the presidency of the RFEF in 2018.

As also reported The Team, Luis Rubiales is accused by his uncle of having used the funds of the institution to organize parties in his private chalet. During these festivities, the Spanish newspaper specifies that “a group of eight or ten young girls” would have been invited while indicating that the purpose of this stay was to satisfy “the pleasure of Luis Rubiales and his team”.

The Federation formally rejects these allegations

The Spanish Football Federation is currently defending itself against all these accusations. FromEl Mundothe authority thus wanted to make it known that “these totally false accusations: neither on this date nor on any other has a single euro been spent on matters that are not specific to federal activity”.

This case comes as the French Football Federation is also going through a period of turbulence. The magazine SoFoot has indeed released an investigation into the hidden face of the FFF. Noël Le Graet, the president, is notably accused of having sent sexual messages to employees. This Thursday, the highest authority of French football announced that it was filing a defamation complaint against SoFoot.

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