Ottawa invests in the construction of the very first Canadian lunar rover

Ottawa announced on Monday an investment of $43 million for the construction of the very first Canadian lunar rover.

Built by the Canadensys Aerospace Corporation and its industrial and academic partners, the device should crisscross the moon as early as 2026. It will be designed to operate in the polar regions of the moon where temperatures can drop below -200°C at night.

“Designing a rover capable of withstanding the harsh environment of the Moon is very complex, but we have proof today that the Canadian space sector is up to the great challenges and is ready to exceed expectations” , declared the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry.

Thus, we will be able to explore the moon thanks to this Canadian rover which will contribute to the international search for water ice, which is a key element in the future of manned exploration of space.

“This rover is the culmination of decades of refining the rover design and increasing Canadian expertise in the field. It will encourage a whole generation to take an interest in the exploration of distant destinations in the Solar System, such as Mars,” the Canadian Space Agency said in a press release.

A total of six scientific payloads, five Canadian and one American, will be carried on the aircraft to carry out scientific analyses.

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