Overwatch 2 will allow more players to verify their account by SMS

Blizzard is once again backtracking on its controversial SMS verification system for Overwatch 2. Now players with a prepaid subscription will finally be able to access competitive FPS. On the other hand, telephones by VOIP or Internet cannot always be used to verify his account.

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Credits: Blizzard

At the launch ofOverwatch 2, Blizzard has (once is not custom) collapsed under the controversies. In question, its economic system that encourages players to deposit much more money than on the first opus, but also the obligation to verify his Battle.net account by SMS to be able to access the game. If for many the latter does not pose any problem, this is not the case for everyone.

Indeed, players with a prepaid telephone subscription found themselves excluded from the game, because they were unable to receive the famous SMS from Blizzard. Shortly after the release, the studio attempted to assuage fans’ anger by somewhat relaxing its regulations, but still excluding users with a prepaid phone. It took until November 17 for Blizzard to finally solve the problem.

Players with a prepaid phone can finally play Overwatch 2

Indeed, the studio announced in a press release that “All players with an eligible prepaid phone can now register their number to their Battle.net account and play Overwatch 2”. According to the latter, most of the affected subscriptions should work without problems, although some will still not be able to be used. On the other hand, some users will continue to be denied access to competitive FPS.

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In the FAQ integrated into the press release, Blizzard specifies that phones based on a VOIP or Internet service will still not be able to receive the verification SMS. In addition, each number can only be used to create one account. It is therefore impossible to link his number to several accounts, whether already existing or not. In this regard, the studio recalled that players who already have an account no longer need to have it verified.

Source : Blizzard

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