Pamiers. Babies discovering contemporary art

Recently, the town hall organized a cultural mediation course on the sidelines of the Denis Darzacq exhibition for toddlers and their childminders. Sixteen babies and their nannies took part in a “pop-up” discovery reading of the colorful albums of the artist HervĂ© Tullet on loan from the Pamiers media library. This workshop took place at Carmel. They then embarked on “A wonderful journey” to discover the colors and imaginary shapes hidden in Denis Darzacq’s exhibition. The following Friday, the children met for a “shape and color” artistic creation workshop led in partnership with Koba from the Pamiers expression workshops. Inspired by the exhibition, the artists in shorts literally plunged into color and freely deployed their pictorial gestures on a collective fresco. Until December 23, Parisian artist Paul Toupet is on display in the former Carmelite convent. More information :

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