Participatory finance: Bank Al Yousr, best bank in Morocco

Each year, the British magazine’s trophies recognize the most successful players operating in different areas of finance.

“This distinction is gratifying: it reinforces Bank Al Yousr in its role as a benchmark participatory bank for companies in Morocco and confirms what our business clients have already revealed to us, 95% of whom say they are satisfied with our banking offer. on a daily basis, of our financing offer and our quality of service”. “It’s a distinction that we owe to our teams: those who, in agencies, deliver good advice and the best support thanks to their professionalism and expertise, and those who, centrally, ensure with self-sacrifice that our Banque continues to be a forerunner in the development of a complete offer that meets all the needs of project promoters and business leaders, but also to complete the construction of the universal bank that we are”, declared Mouna Lebnioury, Managing Director of Bank Al Yousr.

Thus, the Moroccan participatory bank consolidates its role as a major player recognized for its expertise as well as its innovative participatory financial products and services centered on the customer, its customer relations and its good governance.

“These awards are a testament to Bank Al Yousr’s ability to provide a cutting-edge participatory banking and financial product, while placing the requirements of its customers at the forefront of its operations. Bank Al Yousr has established itself as the first choice of Moroccans, thanks to its ability to provide a range of financial solutions to the problems of daily life for individuals and businesses as well as its first-rate customer relationship, ensured by its highly skilled employees,” said David Hann, Project Director and World Finance Awards Administrator.



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