Partnership between AMEE and Laprophan to promote energy efficiency

The Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency (AMEE) has signed a partnership agreement with Laprophan Laboratories for the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energies, as well as capacity building and awareness. This is what the two partners said in a press release. “Accompanied by the AMEE, Laprophan is committed to this process, in order to monitor and coordinate the construction of a photovoltaic energy production system”, indicates the Moroccan laboratory. According to him, the roof of its distribution and logistics center can accommodate a photovoltaic generator of 114.45 kilowatt-peak (kWp), (unit of measurement which makes it possible to evaluate the power reached by a solar panel, editor’s note). “With an annual production of 184,280 kWh (kilowatt-hour), this system will produce an average of 505 kWh per day, meeting 80% of the electrical energy demand of the Laprophan Laboratories distribution and logistics center with solar energy. company’s carbon footprint by reducing the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by 136 tons annually,” explains the group.

According to the two structures, the building represents one of the main energy-consuming sectors in Morocco with constantly growing consumption. Sustainable resilient constructions are now emerging as an effective solution to reduce energy consumption. They plan to cooperate closely to promote energy efficiency and energy sobriety, capacity building and awareness of energy and climate issues, promotion of decentralized renewable energies, promotion of green professions, technical assistance , as well as the exchange of information.

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