Paul Prier (Toys) loses his mind for his first solo title

Former half of the Parisian duo Toys, Paul Prier returns solo with a first single, “Hard To Be Myself When I’m With U”, on the Research & Development label (Jacques, PPJ, Miel de Montagne…).

Paul Prier is not his first attempt: touring musician for Christine and the Queens or Charlotte Gainsbourg, he is also one of the two members of the synthetic electro group Toys. He unveils this Thursday, November 17 the clip that accompanies his first solo single, Hard To Be Myself When I’m With U.

He evokes his introspection and his anxieties, the voice first passed through the vocoder then very real, on a background of synths and guitars for an electro pop sound. To embody the projection of his inner voices, Paul Prier entrusted the production of the clip to Pablo Padovani, thinking head of Moodoïd, already seen alongside Juliette Armanet in particular.

In the video released this Thursday, November 17, the singer assists, helpless, to the materialization of his strangest thoughts. Hallucinated, he feels his body go completely into a spin: he loses his teeth, his fingers turn around, his head turns 360 degrees until the final migraine, literally explosive. All this under the imperturbable gaze of his studio acolytes, who observe a headless body continuing to chain synth notes.

Even if it means that his body will continue to crumble, we hope that, as Paul Prier announced on his Instagram pageother titles will follow.

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