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Along with the announcement of stopping support of Marvel’s Avengers, several rumors emerged on the web about Crystal Dynamics projects. As we know, the studio is currently very busy and working on several games, including a number Perfect Dark, the Xbox exclusive from The Initiative, Microsoft’s famous “AAAA” studio. While we don’t know much about the game, new rumors today suggest once again development difficulties and a distant release.

Perfect Dark again in turmoil?

According to
Miller Ross
, a very knowledgeable insider when it comes to Crystal Dynamics projects, Perfect Dark would have encountered some problems and would not be released until after the next Tomb Raider. On the ResetERA forum, he notably mentioned this:

Tomb Raider is on a roll, Perfect Dark, I heard it hit a snag or two. You will see the first before the second.

Also according to him, the development of the next Tomb Raider game would be more advanced than people imagine, and he expects that there will be at least a year between the release of the next Tomb Raider and that of Perfect Dark.

I would indeed expect there to be at least a year in between.

Tomb Raider has actually been in development for a lot longer than people know, although it restarted when they upgraded from Foundation Engine to Unreal Engine 5. It’s been in the works for a while now.

An exit not before 2025?

If the information from Miller Ross is correct, it would mean that Perfect Dark would not be available before at least 2025. Indeed, several rumors evoke a reveal of the next Tomb Raider later this yearand therefore a probable release in 2024.

As a reminder, Perfect Dark has not given any sign of life since its reveal with a CGI trailer in December 2020. The Initiative’s game is regularly illustrated by its supposed development problems, pushing Matt Booty to speak out on the subject last November.

The game remains planned for Xbox Series X|S and PC and is highly anticipated by Xbox gamers.

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