Pmu race interviews, Friday at Cordemais (R-2). Meet Alexis Hureau

Alexis Hureau (photo), 30-year-old, appeared in the coaching column a few weeks ago. Our journalist Stephane Davy the encounter.

Alexis, what was your professional background?

I am not from the seraglio. I worked for several stables, in particular those of Stephane Bourlier, of Maxime Bezierof Louis Baudron, I then turned professional during the summer. I had planned to become a coach last summer, but during my internship, in March, Thierry Duvaldestin offered me a collaboration. So I spent a month in Normandy, at his place, to observe his working method, before taking care of his residents, during the summer period, nearly four months, in the South-West. It was a good experience. From now on, I am based in Mayenne. I train at the Meslay-du-Maine training center. I have about ten trotters.

Friday, in Cordemais (R-2), you line up IDEAL OF MAXFRAN (502). What can you tell us about it?

He joined my team two months ago. He had a peculiar temperament. David Cherbonnel, his former trainer, therefore offered him to me. I tried to apply the Duvaldestin method. And, for his first outing under my training, he won in Nantes, in December. That day; he won easily, head and rope. Since then, the horse has confirmed at Pontchâteau (note, 4th on January 6). He countered the attacks but was brave to hold on to 4th place. It is still evolving without artifice. He has cotton in his ears, and wears a cap. In my eyes, he has room for improvement. He doesn’t miss an outfit. He’s a train horse. Friday, we will try to start at “his hand”, make him progress in the others before launching him in the last kilometer. And this with the idea of ​​making it last. We cannot afford to go ahead in every race. He retains my confidence. He has already been tackled but not unshod. Also, I think he has a good year ahead.

Do you have other hopes for the next few months?

At the end of the month, I will no doubt present ERMINA OF THE PALACE. She has been in the stable for a month and a half. It has just made its comeback (note, 7th), in Argentan. It was neither good nor bad. She is practical. She will try to shine in the races for apprentices. In the “K”, I have three elements, two of which look promising. I have a son from Briac Dark. I like it. It has precocity and should race soon. I also have a Captain Crazy which seems to have a future. He will go to qualifying soon. But, then, I plan to put it back in the fields because it has not “come” yet. At the “J’, I have hopes with a Simm Boccador which I qualified. He started with a 7th place at Royan but without a fault that day in the last bend, he would have finished 4th. He has a model. It is to be followed in the spring. I also have a “J”, by viola of Viette, which ran three times. She had run well at La Capelle. She should like it on the grass.”

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