PMU race interviews, Monday, in Agen (R-3). The opinion of Denis Justinien Rousseau

IDEAL GABINLEA (704) will participate in Sud-Radio PrizeMonday, at Agen (R-3). His trainer Denis Justinian Rousseau tell us about it (By Stephane Davy) :

“The horse had run well, finishing 2nd, in early November in Toulouse. He has not run since because he had an accident that day. It was a forced break. Otherwise, he would have run the Regional Final. He would not have been ridiculous. Previously, he had been disqualified because his driver had volleyed a little too short. And during a previous disqualification, in Vichy, he suffered from back pain. This is not a faulty horse. Monday is a comeback race. He has not been specially sharpened for this outing but the horse has some grounding. There are a few serious customers in the second rung but I expect good behavior from them. D “as long as he adapts to all the circumstances of the race. Then he should follow the program in the region. He has a good season to achieve. You should also know that in the immediate future, I prefer him to be on the right and flat track.”

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