PMU race interviews, Thursday, in Vincennes (R-4). The opinion of Tanguy Devouassoux

Contacted by our journalist St├ęphane Davy, Tanguy Devouassoux (photo) discusses the chances of his two starters, Thursday at Vincennes (R-4).

JAVA DE L’ORMERIE (109) fell in a too rhythmic race, the last time in Enghien. In the immediate future, it is more effective on holding lines. She will improve over time, especially since she currently needs quite a bit of weight under her feet. For Thursday, we tried to lighten it in its hardware. If it does not suit her, she will go to the fields after this outing. She is able to swing well. Then, I plan to hide the effort from him, inside. Before the kick, we are aiming for a 4th-5th place.

RILER’S KAMOVA (706) work properly. During his outing in Cherbourg, to claim, the downhill start did not suit him. Since then, she has not been unworthy at Enghien (note, 5th). Thursday, she will have to set off on the right leg. Then, once gone, she’s brave. We are aiming for an allowance. To be seen then whether or not she returns to claim.”

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