PMU race interviews, Tuesday, in Cagnes-sur-Mer (R-1). David Alexandre delivers his information on

David Alexander will have several starters on Tuesday at Cagnes-sur-Mer (R-1). He tells us about it (By Stephane Davy).

IVALJO (303) remains on a series of squares. Last Wednesday, at Vivaux, he was forced to turn thick before stretching out to finish. He narrowly failed for the win. It presents itself in a close way but it has recovered well and the entry is interesting. It is quite pleasant to drive. He is determined and does not lack speed. He must have the size of a lot of this kind. GODREL’S INDIGO (307) is an honest horse. Inherently it is inferior to Ivaljo. He evolves in this category. He will seek an allowance.

SAPTEL HOLD UP (707) arrived at the stable in early fall. He is a quality horse. In five outings under my training, it has always gone well. he never left the top four, even scoring four podiums, including one victory, at Vivaux. I don’t have enough perspective yet to know his preferred distance, but this speed plot shouldn’t bother him. The horse is extra. He has a good program in the region. Ideally, on Tuesday, the idea would be to get off to a good start, hide the effort from him, and finish him off, in order to continue to preserve him. He retains all my confidence. HAMISH (710) had health problems. He was treated. He has not raced since September. He needs competition.

EQUIANO (810) is in good shape. The last time, in Cagnes-sur-Mer, he found himself at the back with the relays. Then he had to push his way through to finish. He finished well. With a better running of the race, he would have finished much closer. It is confirmed in tournaments of this kind. He has a good chance to defend. If he has a better run than last, he can finish on the podium. I am wary of “Guarato”. Note that it will be plated. CYNTHIA (805) will not have an easy task. We will probably run it inside. This race will do him good with a view to a future entry, in a race reserved for mares.”

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