PMU race interviews, Tuesday in Vincennes (R-3). Yves Jean Le Bezvoet discusses the candidacy of INES ORANGE

INES ORANGE (609) will depart from Silesian PrizeTuesday, at Vincennes (R-3). Here are the impressions of his trainer Yves Jean Le Bezvoet :

“She does not have a great model but she is brave and has speed. If she has never won yet, she has already taken places. The last time, at Vincennes, in a claiming race (Editor’s note, 3rd on October 25), she was not unworthy, especially since she was forced to progress with her nose to the wind. She remained well. She knows the route. She is able to follow all the trains , but you have to come inside the others with her. She doesn’t like to make her effort outside. Also note that when the effort is hidden from her, she knows how to go fast over 150 meters. Tuesday is a good race for her, the race being reserved for the females of her promotion. Thanks to a good running of the race, in ambush, she should finish well. Don’t underestimate her! She can take a good check. “

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