Pogba case: Yeo Moriba, the mother of Paul and Mathias, comes out of silence!

While Mathias Pogba is still imprisoned as part of the investigation into his brother Paul, mother Yeo Moriba spoke.

In the Pogba family, I ask for the mother. While her two sons Mathias and Paul are torn apart by a dark case of extortion, their mother Yeo Moriba has come out of silence to try to restore unity within the family.

“He was manipulated”

As a reminder, Mathias Pogba is still imprisoned as part of an investigation for attempted extortion of his brother Paul Pogba, Juventus midfielder who will miss the World Cup with the Blues due to injury.

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But according to the mother of the two brothers, Mathias is also a victim in this case. Yeo Moriba talks about a “A trap, it was manipulated, robbed by people who were close to us. We felt betrayed. (…) They are big, big sharks”, she explained to AFP .

The Impartial Mother

As a reminder, Mathias had regretted that his mother sided with his brother Paul when the affair broke out, but she obviously decided to take a step back and remain impartial between her two children.


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