Police comedy coming to the municipal theater

The municipal theater invites spectators, Friday, February 3, at 8:30 p.m., to a performance of a detective comedy by Julien Lefebvre, directed by Jean-Laurent Silvi, The Travelers of Crime. A breathtaking investigation into the refined universe of the most famous train in the world: the Orient Express.

The announcement of a suspicious disappearance, the intervention of two eminent travelers who have just boarded (the playwright Bernard Shaw and Arthur Conan Doyle, the father of Sherlock Holmes), the ingredients are there for a real detective story charged with intense suspense. After his multiple successes, notably at the Lucernaire or the Théâtre du Splendid in Paris, the public will have the privilege of seeing Stéphanie Bassibey, Marjorie Dubus, Céline Duhamel, Pierre-Arnaud Juin, Ludovic Laroche, Etienne Launay, Jérôme Paquatte and Nicolas Saint-Georges. , on the stage of the Tarascon theatre. Duration: 1h40.

Information and reservations on 04 90 91 51 02 or on www.tarascon.fr. Prices: from €10 to €18, depending on category.

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