POND-SUR-ARROUX: A twist in Velet

As part of the program “High school students and apprentices in live performance” the “Côté cour” contracted scene proposed the arrival of a theatrical troupe “Day for night” at the Lycée de la Nature et de la Forêt de Velet.
This Wednesday, January 16, the second class of the Lycée de la Nature et de la Forêt de Velet was able to benefit from a quality interpretation of “The Jewish Woman” by Bertolt Brecht in the multipurpose room of their establishment.
The actors Léa MASSON and Julien JOBERT, accompanied by their manager Marie-Laure, were welcomed by Mr. MAZUREK professor of Sociocultural Education. We also noted the presence of Mrs Marie FAIVRE who represented L’arc – Scène Nationale du Creusot, partner of the “High School Students and Apprentices at the Live Show” scheme.

This first warm contact around a coffee made it possible to meet everyone’s expectations and to calmly prepare for the show to come. After an hour of preparation, it could begin.
The students, welcomed by the stage manager, could then take their places in the multipurpose room around a stage area where the actors were waiting for them.
Regarding the play, it takes place in Germany in the 1930s. Judith Keith prepares to flee to Holland because life has become unbearable for the Jews. She puts her affairs in order, makes phone calls, prepares what she is going to say to her husband, before he enters… This is the beginning of the story. In this small form, the actors offered three versions of this same scene. The first version was intended to be dramatic, worked according to the classic codes of the theatre. The second mixed genres by moving from tragedy to humor by taking the spectators to task. The third form, on the other hand, reversed the characters of the man and the woman.
We will remember that the artists delivered a quality performance and it was obviously to thunderous applause that this show ended.
As planned, the actors came back and with their manager, they engaged in a dialogue with the high school students. The exchanges were rich and the actors took the opportunity to come back to the construction of this “small form”. More technical questions were also asked such as: “How do you learn a text? » or even « If we forget our text, what do we do? “. Each time, the actors and the manager took the time to answer each of these questions.
At the end of the session, the supervisors and students took the opportunity to deliver their thanks to the troupe of actors, hoping to see them again soon.

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