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The number of Popeyes restaurants in France’s largest city, Paris, is disappointing for all Fried Chicken lovers.

Popeyes Paris France

  • No restaurant is currently available in your city in the Paris region Ile-de-France. Awaiting confirmation of the address. So please be patient.

Several media have linked the information that the American brand Popeyes would open a new restaurant in the French capital Paris in Ile de France. This information is however awaiting official confirmation from the parent company in the United States.

The opening in France seems imminent, and undoubtedly the city of Paris will be one of the first cities targeted by one of the world leaders in fried chicken. Indeed, behind KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), it is one of the biggest sellers of fried chicken in the world.

Be careful though, if you search on the internet you can find that there is a Popeyes Paris. This one is however located in the United States, there, a city indeed bears the same name as the French capital!

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Opening Popeyes Paris

The parent company in the United States has not yet given any official response regarding the opening of a restaurant in France, but for how much longer? And you, what do you think of the arrival of this brand?

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