Portage Salary: discover its advantages and constraints to find the “good” status!

Discovering wage portage can be complex to understand at first. What are the reported benefits? What about constraints? How to find the right status? Today, we offer you a journey into this expanding world. Thanks to this guide, go to meet the wage portage with more foresight to define the one that will best meet your personal and professional situation.

Definition of wage portage

Wage portage is a form of work that allows consultants and professionals to carry out their activity without being employees of a company. The services are performed for clients over whom they have no direct legal relationship, but with the intermediary of a wage portage company which manages the contractual relationship.

The main advantages of choosing this status are: a better balance between personal and professional life thanks to greater flexibility; a reduction in social charges; the payment of a salary at the end of the month. On the other hand, the use of wage portage also has some disadvantages such as additional costs related to this service or a lack of visibility on one’s professional future.

What criteria give a self-employed status?

To benefit from the status of self-employed worker via wage portage, certain conditions must be met: register in the business register, comply with legal obligations (URSSAF declaration), submit to a framework contract imposed by the portage company and set a prize for his mission.

Another important point concerns student status: if it is recognized (for young people under 26) then the amount of income will be exempt from tax for the first 2 years. In this case, there may be a tax deduction on the fees paid by the client.

How to find reliable information?

Finding practical and reliable information about wage portage can sometimes be complicated. However, there are some public and private organizations that can provide useful information. In particular, the Chambre des Salariés Portés (CSP) offers free practical guides available online.

There are also various tax advantages likely to benefit wage-earners. These include in particular a partial or total deductibility of social and employer contributions on certain specific missions or projects.

Finally, various employment aids offer various services adapted to people seeking to embark on wage portage (training, support, legal advice, etc.).

Where can I find practical advice?

The community of wage carriers can help newcomers learn about wage portage. This network offers a wide range of services such as discussion groups, webinars and other collaborative tools.

created 7 years ago, the site WIKIPORTGE.EU has not imposed itself as the reference for finding up-to-date information on wage portage.

Trade shows are also an excellent opportunity to meet other worn consultants and discuss directly with them. In addition, specialized websites offer forums and blogs open to questions and sharing experiences.

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